Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment is an extremely important function of the HR department of every organization. Recruiting the right talent suiting the work requirements of a company sets the pace for growth of the company. Cornerstone provides recruitment services across numerous industry verticals with influence across the Pan American region. As recruitment and staffing partners, our consultants having high intellectual capabilities assist the client cash on human capital and simultaneously provide optimized career choices to the candidates.

Screening and hiring
Scouting for the right human talent required for a company is fast becoming a task impossible by the day and retaining trained individuals is necessarily a part of every business strategy. Cornerstone’s work starts with chalking out a Search Brief, which lays the foundation of the searching and screening process. This entails the assignment scope, position description, candidate requirements and terms of employment.

Background checks
People are the most powerful assets of any organization. Having the right candidates in the team is all that an organization yearns for. Every company gives utmost attention to their human resources. We strive to come up with newer strategies that enable us to get the right people for the job. We perform meticulous background check on candidates for our clients. Keeping in mind the interests and the aspirations of both the clients and candidates is what makes us stand tall and take pride in what we do.