Human Resource Management Outsourcing

As difficult as it is to recruit and retain the right talent, it is much of a pain to look after it all the way too. Each day there are new demands and each pose a challenge in itself. As an organization, you would not want to put all such things in your agenda and dilute focus from the core business. Cornerstone acknowledges these needs and has accordingly equipped itself for different levels of structures and processes to collaborate with the clients to outsource their human capital management and enable them with the capacity to control without having to invest in in-house consolidation of resources to look after the employees’ demands and organizations’ needs.

HR shared services
The concept of shared services has become an effective delivery model for countless HR functions in the drive for consistency, improved functioning, technology enablement, labor cost savings and business values. Depending on the clients’ problems, Cornerstone configures HR shared services in a number of ways and not just general HR administration. With this, Cornerstone brings on the table a fresh perspective for accessing HR deliverables.

Employee management
What, indeed, is a short term requirement could demand a long term investment. Such spooks in product development cycle expose a company to additional resources. Payroll, benefits administration, salary administration, training administration, employee relations are some such activities that crop up with increased human capital. Cornerstone provides effective solutions to its clients facing tight schedules, squeezed budgets, multiple locations and lack of expertise.