Alongside offering a wide range of services to clients to help them build systems to recruit, engage and develop their human capital, veterans at Cornerstone offer consulting on organizational structure, human resource planning, profiling of job roles, bench marking and employee relations to name a few.

HR process analysis & planning
An organization’s mission is a reason of it into being but the critical determiners for growth are:
— Organizational structure
— Key staff
— Operational capacity
— Operational efficiency

Under changing conditions, there are necessary activities on the basis of which the demands are met foremost being human resource. An analysis of the situation would enable the entity to access the impact and respond to such changes.Cornerstone understands the fact that HR analysis and planning directly impacts the company’s strategic planning. The process initiates with simple questions:
• What is the business?
• Who are the employees, both demographically and educationally?
• What learning experiences are necessary to prepare the employees to function effectively?
Based upon which, the consultants dig deep into the process of documenting the best fit strategy to manage the human capital to conform to business pattern of the client’s organization.

Organizational design
Organizational design consulting involve end to end solutions especially designed to be implemented in clients’ organization keeping in mind the nature of core business and sources of talent pool to plug the gaps. Geared towards this, Cornerstone provides:
— Plausible facts and data
— Fact based strategic advice
— Implementation services
— Guaranteed improved sustainability and strengthened bottom-lines.

Organizational/Management restructuring
Cornerstone stands as pioneers with its experts when it comes to advising on operational, financial, cultural and talent aspects of people at the time of equity based transactions- Mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures and business transformation. Cornerstone brings on board the clarity on human capital context, tools to understand, manage and proactively plan people related programs.