HR Services in California

A healthier organization means more productive employees and a more profitable workplace. Successful organizations have demonstrated the importance of hiring and retraining skilled workers. Human Resources help an organization to meet strategic goals by observing and attracting employees, to manage them effectively in such a way that enhances the production and economic benefits, and to build healthier relationships.

Cornerstone provides HR services in California with professional and cost-effective approach to Human Resources management. We ensure an organization that the relevant number and kind of people are available at the right time and place so that company requirements can be fulfilled. We contribute substantially to the success of our clients by working with them in recruiting top talent, discovering the full potential of each of their employees and realizing the collective strength of a highly-engaged workforce. We work collaboratively to improve organizational performance and employee management practices.

We help give a boost to productive worker engagement with unique strategic benefits like eradicating the surplus non-core HR functions, maximizing cost effects and maintaining HR focus strategically. Through our functions, we make a positive impact in the lives of our clients, our collaborators and workforce. Cornerstone meets these multidimensional goals by providing effective HR services which are strengthened by our technology and supported successfully by our extended understanding of HR strategies.

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Human Resource Compliance

Compliance audits are formal reviews to determine whether or not an organization is conducting its operations in accordance with regulatory guidelines. These are undertaken to confirm that a company is following the contractual agreement or rules and regulations applied by an external authority or government regulatory agency.

If you are running a business, it involves various components and standards. An organization has to accept the set of policies and follow many regulations. These policies and regulations might be the same for companies under the same categories. It is mandatory to meet state and federal legal workplace requirements. It is also required to update data related to hours, wages, workplace injury and emergency contact numbers etc., for their employees. Cornerstone helps its clients to run an audit for compliance to state and federal legal requirements or help design strategies and frame policies for the same. Here, we have given three reviews which play important roles in compliance audits:

Company Management
Upper management for companies plays a vital part of compliance resources. It consists of components within the organization including workers, management and corporate culture. Auditors use these audits to determine how each individual owner or employee fare in their contractual agreement. We help you maintain strong internal management that is essential to achieve better HR strategies.

Employee Performance
No business or an organization can function for very long without productive employees supporting it. It is the best way to assure  employee performance  by checking employee performance reviews at least once a year.

Business Process Review
Cornerstone helps you measure how well the company completes the operations and if any compliance violations are present in the company. It is possible to overcome these violations by reviewing business process. Its main aim is to support a company’s goal by identifying the organization’s essential success factors.

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Tips for Small Business HR Services

The New Year can be the ideal time to set new goals for your business. Small businesses and organizations are looking to improve their work practices, efficiency, and performance by using best HR strategy. Finding, Hiring and retaining great staff are the most important task in a small business owner’s plate. If you are running or planning for running a small business and curious about HR services, then here are some tips which can help you achieve HR strategy for your small business.

Accurate Job Specification
Mention accurate job specification for the role you are recruiting for and ensure that it is relevant to your business needs. Candidate must be informed correctly his role and key skills to be needed in his job profile. Make sure the target that needs to be achieved by employing new candidate is promoted through the specifications.

Standard Application Form & Documents
Prior to arrange an interview ask all applicants to complete a standard application form which should be mandatory to appear in first round of interview. Ask all candidates to provide copies of all qualifications and ID proofs before interview. Background and ID check prior to interview do not waste your time. This procedure helps know eligibility of candidate to fulfill standard requirements of the role successfully.

Follow standard interview process
While taking an interview, always follow standard interview process on all applicants. This process may include:

  • Telephone screen
  • Psychometric test
  • Different interviews rounds
  • Related test or presentation for specific role or post

Telephone screens show if applicants are professional, clear and precise. An informal first interview should start the process and filter the applicants down. A second interview should be more formal with an increased number of interviewers to see how the applicant demonstrates themselves under pressure. One round should be included a related test for the specific role or post i.e., presentation for sale people or marketing executive.

Take time to review your processes
You should be realistic about what is requirement and what is essential. Do not change your mind about what you are looking for a candidate to work profile. You should remember what skills are necessary from the start and what can be developed over time. Do take time to make decisions for recruiting a candidate for your small business.

Getting Acquainted
In small business, one of the common mistakes made by human resources area is believing that a new hire will perform exactly as expected. A new employee must be provided information that will help improving his chances of contributing immediately to business or company’s performance. New employee should be aware about the personal polices of company during hiring process and provided handbook during completion of recruitment process. He/ She should be informed about particular company’s safety and security programs.

The new hire should understand product, services information, competitive market position, business strategy. He/She needs to learn about company’s operation, its objectives and, in board terms, the plan and procedure for achieving objectives.

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Independent Contractor in California

In an organization it is essential for an employer to determine properly each individual’s work status because HR practices or law treats both classifications differently. Because it is not necessary to provide certain employment benefits to independent contractors or deduce income taxes from their salaries, independent contractors are not entitled too many of the protections as those extended to employees. For instance minimum wage, overtime, and meal and rest break laws do not apply to this classification and this varies from state to state. The official figures states at least 10 million workers are classified as independent contractors across the nation with a surge of 2 million in just 6 years and incurred losses of $7 billion alone to the state of California in payroll tax revenue. Not having to comply with workers’ compensation coverage, minimum wages, right to family leave, unemployment insurance, legal right grant to the individual to join unions, allows the employers to play by unfair means and dishonoring the lawful obligation to the employees.

There is an opposing argument as well, as per the existing law, certain factions opposing the recent bill state that there are no uniform, definitive guidelines issued by the state agencies to the employers to follow when determining the status of independent contractors. The outcry is for the tests are adopted by different state agencies are variable from the ones issued under the existing law. This lack of consistency arguably creates potentially superfluous and inhomogeneous standards for employers.

An organization or business must take care of all these categories or factors while determining whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee and must seek consultation and advisory support from legit staffing consultants to balance out their potent HR needs.

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Classification Of Employees

In terms of business, an Individual who offers services to another in exchange of remunerations as fee is considered as an employee or independent contractor. An individual’s independent contractor’s status is substantiated by cumulative factors such as control over time and place the tasks are undertaken, supplying the tools and instruments to be deployed to undertake the work. An employee performs all the tasks in his ability but limited to a specific organization and is controlled by that organization.

The organization monitors an employee’s work, sets a timetable according to his responsibilities and determines the technique the employee uses to perform his work. An independent contractor differs in that role. He/she provides services to organization but not limited to one at a time, he/she works for him/herself. The legislation and regulations for the employee-employer relationship provide rights, comprehensive requirements for wages and other compensations, working hours, labor laws violation actions, employment contract and working conditions standards and holding a license.

It is quintessential for a company to choose right classification according to their needs in company. It helps in shaping the goals and objectives and further that what steps exactly one need to take into account while taking care of the organizations’ budgets. There are a few factors which are critical and must be conformed to. Misappropriation and willful misclassification of employees by the employer or an individual suggesting the same would be liable to a civil penalty. Employer must provide the independent contractors with a form developed by the Employee Development Department and maintain at least two years of the track record for him hired by the employer.

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HR Practices In Organization

Training and Knowledge Sharing
A modest investment in training and development programs can produce significant returns for you as an employer by indicating that your employees are crucial, which in turn builds employee loyalty. The perfect training gives employees the empowerment they require to meet their potential. A well designed training and development program serve as motivational tools, as well. When an employee returns after attending a training or skill development program, sharing crucial knowledge with all staff could be made mandatory. Knowledge sharing is important for creating new knowledge in order to attain competitive advantage and of the increasing turnover of employees.

Compliance and Audits
It is very crucial that an organization complies with everything legally. In an organization various control procedures are put in place at an operational level to ensure compliance with auditing policies. Compliance and HR audits help organization identify areas of legal risk, and can also provide employers with information about the competitiveness of its HR strategies. HR Audits are necessary to ensure that HR is performing their job best to make sure the employees are satisfied in organization’s environment. Compliance and audits are a certain way which assures the best HR practices and metrics are being followed by the organization.

Employee Handbooks and Guidelines
It is imperative that all employees know and clearly understand workplace policies and procedures. An HR handbook is a comprehensive document in which your organizations’ employment policies are published. These are important and highly recommended guidelines a company and their employees should follow. Employ handbooks helps in protecting the business owner from workplace conflicts and disputes. This is a great way to manage and organize company policies in safe and legal manner.

In order to be successful in today’s competitive environment, organizations must be careful of their employees and use best HR practices. There are clearly many benefits by having an effective system with applying best HR practices in organization. These practices helps in creating a safe, healthy and happy workforce which assure that your staff feel homely and stay with your company for a long time.

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Best HR Practices For Your Organizational Goal

Best HR Practices refers to the guidelines followed by organizations to create successful businesses. These practices are prepared to provide the best guidance and client service to growing small and medium-sized businesses. All aspects of business can be increased by following best practices in your organization. Here we are discussing some of the best HR practices that can help you meet your organizational goals.

HR Strategy and Responsibilities
The HR Strategy outlines the future planning of HR management or processes and with it brings several benefits and at large brings the clarity in vision of the position HR in the organization. HR strategy & responsibilities define the procedure to hire and retain the best talents from job market. HR management hires the right person the first time and offers them an on boarding process that will successfully and efficiently integrate them into your culture and start them on a path of dedication and productivity.These also help in developing employees in the organization as business grows and stay successful.

Employee Relations
In an organization for enjoying the benefits of an engaged and dedicated staff you should have best employee relations strategy which gives employers an opportunity to resolve conflicts and minimizing the company’s risks and liabilities. A strong employee relation can make an organization to expand and place it on the path of immensity and achievement. The organization must be crystal clear to them and must also show sign of accountability in their dealings. Flexibility in dealing with employees is increasingly important for HR professionals to retain employees.

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Human Resource Services for Work Force Management

By providing frequently solutions to the clients, Cornerstone helps organizations access and improves their work force management resulting in improving the bottom-line in operations and increases employee efficiency.  With the increasing employee efficiency, it helps in increasing the potential of growth for each individual in the company thus being a lot more profitable. There are number of organizations that recommend HR services all around their offices and their solutions are designed to benefit the company and their workforce. Cornerstone is the only HR Service Provider that looks after the needs of the organization and then start from the recruitment process to select those candidates who are able to cross share their information across different potentialities of the company.

We are full-fledged to be competing for excellence, consistency and high quality of systems and processes. We pride on the truth that our extremely motivated and active “young” team continually sets rich principles as a measure for functioning’s, which might result into going customer pleasure. We help companies in a lot of different ways. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Propelled Manpower
  • Goal for Centered Business Areas
  • Helps in Increased Productivity
  • Have Best Talents


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HR Service Providers

The productive function of any organization always matches the need of its individual resources. Propelled and experienced employees help you in beating your competitors. In today’s day and age HR plays an important role in the organization as every company is trying to provide their employees, a more flexible and eco friendly environment. There are a few companies which are not able to recruit the hr executives, thus suffering in providing a friendly and fun environment for their employees.

Human resource service is one of the serious problems of any business. Unluckily, not all the companies have the power to manage a solid hr department. We acknowledges the needs and has consequently prepared itself to different levels and structures and processes to collaborate with the clients to outsource their human capital management and enable them with the capacity to control without having to invest in in-house resources to look after the employees’ demands and organizations’ needs.

As you have seen there are many people who are searching for the jobs as the ration of number of jobs available are less. For this the candidate must look whether the organization is solvent or not. For all these queries, we help you to find the companies suitable for you as well provide the jobs to the deserving candidates.

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Human Resources Management and Work Environment

The main area of focus is always the work environment. It takes years for companies to establish the right environment for everyone to feel comfortable and wanted. A happy and healthy workplace makes an employee more eager and a lot more productive depending on the tasks assigned. With high productivity, a company can grow a lot more organically which results to a lot more growth.

Every employee that joins needs to understand what their role is. This helps them in getting motivated if they know and love what they are doing. Also, an effective system can help them in their internal issues which can help an employer in receiving strong loyalty from his/her employees. This helps in maintaining a good working relationship among stakeholders. A feedback process should also be introduced to provide the freedom for everyone to express their desires when necessary for the betterment of a business.

Policies and regulations must be understood and maintained very well to ensure everyone is compliant with them. With this in mind, a disciplining authority must be developed to maintain all compliances and company rules. Everyone should understand these rules govern the entire company and will not be based on the management’s discretion alone. With this, employees would feel a lot safer and will maintain a fair atmosphere for all.

All these practices benefit both the company and the workers and will maintain a strong and healthy relationship with everyone in the organization.

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