Human Resource Compliance

Compliance audits are formal reviews to determine whether or not an organization is conducting its operations in accordance with regulatory guidelines. These are undertaken to confirm that a company is following the contractual agreement or rules and regulations applied by an external authority or government regulatory agency.

If you are running a business, it involves various components and standards. An organization has to accept the set of policies and follow many regulations. These policies and regulations might be the same for companies under the same categories. It is mandatory to meet state and federal legal workplace requirements. It is also required to update data related to hours, wages, workplace injury and emergency contact numbers etc., for their employees. Cornerstone helps its clients to run an audit for compliance to state and federal legal requirements or help design strategies and frame policies for the same. Here, we have given three reviews which play important roles in compliance audits:

Company Management
Upper management for companies plays a vital part of compliance resources. It consists of components within the organization including workers, management and corporate culture. Auditors use these audits to determine how each individual owner or employee fare in their contractual agreement. We help you maintain strong internal management that is essential to achieve better HR strategies.

Employee Performance
No business or an organization can function for very long without productive employees supporting it. It is the best way to assure  employee performance  by checking employee performance reviews at least once a year.

Business Process Review
Cornerstone helps you measure how well the company completes the operations and if any compliance violations are present in the company. It is possible to overcome these violations by reviewing business process. Its main aim is to support a company’s goal by identifying the organization’s essential success factors.

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