HR Services for Small Business

Today human resources management has become vital to grab, manage, and retain talent in the organization, be it a huge company or a small sized business. Running an organization smoothly and efficiently involves various things like recruitment, payrolls, management, employee benefits, compliance and audits and many more. Human Resources is the department that takes care of all these things and endeavor ensuring that they reach their full potential in performance, productivity and profits with the help of a healthy workforce.

In small business organization, management does not usually spend sufficient money on human resource services due to paucity of funds or more often than not due to ignorance, but it is always a good idea to hire professional HR service providers to manage all the critical aspects of your business. For your valuable business, outsource human resources to Cornerstone’s expert consultants who help you getting the best of talent in the business market by delivering top notch and professional services.

Cornerstone hr services provide solutions to every need of small and medium sized organization. We offer wide range of services that can vary from the recruitment of fresh talent to their training, mentoring and performance management. Our highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field of human resource management help in implementation of best HR strategies that are specific according to your company’s requirements, and create a smooth and pleasant work culture for your workplace.

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Employ Expert HR Consultants from Cornerstone HR Advantages LLC

Healthy workforce is the backbone of any organization and the importance of managing them can never be overemphasized for the long term success of your company. With Cornerstone HR consultants by your side, you’ll attract the most skilled and experienced staff in the talent market, train them well through innovative techniques, motivate them through  great salary & perks and comprehensive rewards, assure their continued endeavor and satisfaction that could contribute to greater retention of employees, manage all related responsibilities including , organizational structure, human resource planning, profiling of job roles, bench marking and employee relations.

Our HR solutions are complete and cost-effective, and are typically offered by experts in the field of human resources management. We are good at it, and we enjoy it.  That’s why we are able to offer support to organizations, large and small, in all areas of HR like hiring, training, firing, compensation and employee benefits etc. Our strategic approach to human resources consulting, combined with our experience in creating optimum business environments, enables us to offer targeted, relevant ideas that will help your company obtain top performance levels from your workers.

Not only that, our professionals offer expertise in all aspects of human resource services, so you can rest assured that any changes your company implements will comply with government, state and federal employment regulations.

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Human Resource Compliance in California

If you are running an organization and you are working hard to build a successful business and are in the process of recruiting another group of employees, an important point that you must keep in mind is that it is vital to maintain healthy workplace in order to make sure that you or your human resource management never faces non-compliance issues or federal and government state labor audits.

Human resource compliance oversees whether the implementation of employment laws and regulations is going in a right way or not. Cornerstone offers latest and updated compliance techniques that enable organizations to manage costs, tackle well the compliance issues that might crop up and also demonstrate legal liability protection to the company.

Our well trained experts can help you manage your company documentation. Lack of homogeny or centralized storage can result in errors in the company records of employee compensation, attendance, disciplinary reports, hire forms, training documents, achievement records, etc. These errors compound every time employee files change hands. You can take advantages of Cornerstone HR consultants that are specialist and highly qualified in the field of HR compliance, for the same and your organization can benefit from their extensive knowledge and experience in this critical field.

Cornerstone’s unique approach develops a human resource compliance foundation and tailors it to meet your business needs. We ensure your organization systems are in place – processes that your organization can realistically manage and get on with for building your successful business.

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Choose Cornerstone for Professional HR Services

The success of any organization or company is mainly defendant on skills and motivation levels of the human power under human resource services that they work with.  Selecting and hiring suitable candidates for certain positions in the company is very critical and responsible job. Carrying out the actual selection and effective process is also the responsibility of the human resources.

Cornerstone uses well planned procedure for selection of candidates who will be fit for various vacant posts that require quick attention in the concerned business or organization. We track what goals a company aims to achieve in near future and endeavor to help them reach there. Our professional HR services can help with a number of tasks; the critical HR areas include recruitment, employee benefits, handbooks, compensation, and employee policies. We concentrate on main areas or core areas of business instead of thinking about the routine operations of searching for new candidates.

By outsourcing your hr services to us you are able to concentrate on your core business instead of spending long hours on hr issues. Its results can be visible in terms of increase of progress in business and enhancement of market value of the company. Being able to concentrate on the core area makes the business successful and go one step further from their other competitors.

Giving the hr services maintenance to highly professional company such as Cornerstone hr advantages can also prove to be a cost effective solution for your business.

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Cost Effective HR Solutions from Cornerstone HR Advantage LLC

Business today is experiencing drastic changes in human resource system. Motivated and skilled employees go a long way in helping the company get an edge over the competitors. Organizations, big or small, now have an option of outsourcing their management needs to outsourcing companies and letting the expert human resource management teams do the job for them. Driven by the needs of business owners seeking HR solutions to complicated employment-related issues, Cornerstone offers unique and affordable human resource services that are leading the way as the staffing solution of the future.

Cornerstone hr advantage is a firm having hr experts who are committed to your business success. We offer complete and cost effective human resource solutions for your valuable business. We provide end-to-end HR services that are able to help out and increase employee productivity. We look at all the requirements of the organization right from recruitment of potential candidates to setting up knowledge sharing platforms for cross sharing of information across various capabilities of the company.

You can reduce your HR administration costs by outsourcing non-productive and non-revenue producing activities to Cornerstone. We help in enhancing the overall performance of the workforce & hence increase the profit earned by the business organizations. Our well crafted hr strategies offer various benefits to your company and workforce.

Cornerstone reduces employment liabilities and risks for your companies. We direct and ensure businesses are compliant with government rules and regulations, and federal and state employment laws. We have a team of dynamic HR professionals who keep pace with the ever-changing state and federal laws that govern your relationship with your employees and organization can avoid employment related lawsuits while reducing potential risks and costs.

We also offer services to small sized businesses including effective and efficient HR solutions such as establishing organized systems and human resources program inside your company. This ensures that the workflow in your company is smooth and production is continuous taking your business a step closer to success.

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Reduce Your Employment Costs with our HR Management Outsourcing

In today’s competitive world of business, a new concept of HR management outsourcing is seen that helps decrease the level of complexities surrounding the handling of day to day human resource issues in a more effective way and at the same time allows an organization to focus on its core business.
Whatever your company’s human resources requirements, Cornerstone provides complete HR solutions that help you meet them. We offer a wide variety of services related to your human resources functions. Depending on the size of your business and how much control you want to assert over human resources, you can either outsource all your HR tasks or contract for services according to your choice and your budget.

For example some companies focusing on specific areas such as recruitment can opt for recruitment outsourcing only. As recruiting the wrong candidate can not only be detrimental to the business’s productivity but can also lead to a lot of wastage of resources as hiring as well as training are costly endeavors. Also, the company would be burdened by the need for re-hiring. You can limit your exposure to such expenses by using our services as our HR experts will invest the time to screen applicants to assure the best match for you.
You just need to provide us with the details of your HR needs and we’ll provide you with the best, tailor-made solutions to the HR issues that are being hard to manage for you. We offer and specialize in HR management outsourcing like recruitment, preparing hr handbooks and guidelines, compliance resources and consulting etc. We relieve you from your HR responsibilities so that you can dedicate your time and energy towards areas that demand your constant attention. We attempt to aid you while you remain focused to reach your desired targets.

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Role of Employee Motivation in Your Business

Employee motivation comes from various factors, including but not limited to salary, career growth opportunities, creative independence, managerial leadership, health and wellness. Promoting these through your HR practices not only helps employees feel happy in their jobs, but also improves the employer-employee relationship. This in turn goes a long way in improving productivity of your business. The inculcation of a healthy environment in your work place proves constructive for the employees and spreads a vibrant positive energy in the office, thus motivating the employees to work harder. An organization in which the employees are well cared for and provided with a better work environment generally outperforms its targets owing to the employees’ will to give their best to the work entitled to them.

It is therefore vital that you pay heed to providing ample prospects to your employees to better themselves and grow as a person by understanding the focal point of their source of motivation. Every person wishes to fulfill his basic needs and comfort as well. So money is a major motivating factor. But it cannot be counted as the sole motivating factor. An effective communication among employees and between the employees and the management plays a critical role in encouraging the employees to work harder. HR Management of your organization wishing to keep the employees in the company inspired to work harder need an arrangement in place that systematically rewards employee achievements. Though it is important that you follow codes set by your company and mentioned in the company’s HR Handbook, but at times, given the special circumstances and demands of the situation, you need to get off the hook and entertain and accommodate special requests.

Celebrating a holiday, festival or birthdays at the workplace construct positive fellow feeling and team spirit, which results in increased employee motivation. Such practices if implemented properly help better your business and build strong relationships.

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Important Tips to Help Deal with Difficult Employees

Managing individuals in a team is one of the most challenging activities for a manager. As you move from a role where you are required to deal with ‘things’ to a role where you co-ordinate people in the company, your responsibilities increase as it can be a big step to handle. In your organization’s system you will sooner or later find yourself dealing with difficult employees. There is no easy fix that will always work. Employee management is a skill that goes a long way in building a strong and productive team, thus taking your business to new heights.

Confrontation in your organization with a difficult employee adds its own various unique disputes. Dealing with difficult employees can be a challenge for even the most experienced of managers and human resource management. Handling difficult people can be tough, but it is not something that can be termed impossible. It is advisable to seek professional help for providing hr solutions to deal with such situations. Some basic practices that can be followed are:

•    It is vital to act quickly to control a serious situation caused by difficult people in your workplace before the situation gets worse and starts creating problems for other employees.
•    While talking to a difficult employee, you should stay calm and adjust yourself according to their personality. Listen to them very carefully and try to understand the whole situation before taking any initiative.
•    You should not take actions based on gossip or rumor. Ask short term questions that can’t be answered in one or two words. It will give you a chance to judge the level of their confidence in what they are saying.
•    Document and keep record of difficult employee’s mistakes and behavior, it will help you in future to inform the employee he/she is creating problems in the otherwise healthy work atmosphere.
•    If you find the work performance is not maintained by him or her you should take steps to   inform him about required standards of productivity as well.

If you find out from conversation with such people what the exact reason of their inappropriate behavior is, you can easily find a better solution to resolve the issue.

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5 Reasons for Outsourcing Your Companies’ Recruitment Process

Recruitment is one of the most crucial functions of any company. The kind of people you hire can make or break your company. Scouting for the right talent required for a company is fast becoming a task impossible by the day, and retaining trained individuals is necessarily a part of every business strategy.

  1. Many companies do not have the right talent needed to hire the right person for the right job. Also, with the constant pressure to reduce costs and focus on core competencies, many companies are now relying on outsource providers and recruiting firms for hiring the right talent for their company.
  2. Outsourcing the hiring process helps the company get the right people for the job as there are no games, no self interest and no preferential treatment involved. The company uses posting leads, referrals, professional organizations etc to get your posts filled.
  3. In most organizations, too much time is wasted by recruiters in sorting through resumes that hopeful candidates drop at their office or their website or finding candidates from job boards. Outsourcing such non-core functions helps save their precious time which they can invest in more productive pursuits.
  4. Our company assures solutions that offer improvement in quality, cost, service and speed. Our team is well capable of meeting your needs within a limited period of time.
  5. Job seekers are our customers as well and we make sure they receive follow up, regardless of the outcome of the interview.

At a time when job-hopping job shopping has become a nightmare for many companies, given the plethora of opportunities available for skilled workers today in California, we strive to build long term relationships between the staffers and the employees. This is done by carefully analyzing the specific needs of both the client as well as the candidate, and placing the candidates in jobs that match their expectations and preferences.

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New HR Law Policies for Employee Handbook in California

Before you employ your first employee you must consider having an employee handbook. The contents only need to be basic to begin with, but the advantages of having one will contribute value to your business. The Handbook is a crucial communication tool between your organization and your workers. It sets off your expectations and prospects for your employees and it also depicts what they can anticipate from you. It assures that your business complies with state and federal employment laws. An efficient approach to employee handbook will help achieve organizational goals.

You should be aware of policies, which you need to include in your manuals. The policies by Human Resources law that you need to mention in the employee handbook may include the following:

Family medical leave

The federal government’s family medical leave policy act states that employer of a certain size must allow employees with up to 12 weeks unpaid leave during any one year period of time for the birth or care of a kid, to care for a contiguous family member with a critical health condition, or if the employee has a serious health condition. But this policy varies from state to state as many states have their own policies regarding unpaid family leave, as well.

Employee’s compensation

This policy involves written confirmation about worker’s compensatory gains. Many nations require that employees be informed of worker’s compensation policies in writing.

Equal employment and non-discrimination

The U.S. Department of Labor policies commands many companies to post information stating that the organization follows non-discrimination and equal employment opportunity laws in hiring and promotion.

Among other laws that might require comprehension in the employee handbook are policies regarding accommodation of handicaps, policies on armed forces leave, policies, and criminal offense victims leave policies.

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